About the Foundation

The Rivers Foundation of the Americas (RFA) was a public operating foundation established in 2001 by community, national and international leaders devoted to Clean Water, Biodiversity, and Human Health. Their mission promoted and funds the conservation, protection and restoration of rivers and their watersheds in North, Central and South America.

  • Clean Water: Healthy river watersheds provide us with safe drinking water, community prosperity, recreation, reduced costs from floods, natural beauty and ecosystem health.

  • Biodiversity: The grand diversity of plants and animals on the earth is important to people because we depend on other species and the ecosystems they create. Biodiversity gives us: the fresh air, clean water and productive soils that we need to survive; Food, medicines and natural products that keep us healthy; Economic benefits that maintain a healthy economy; Natural beauty that we enjoy and improves our quality of life; A community of life, with which we share planet Earth, and the opportunity to practice thoughtful stewardship.

  • Human Health: However, massive human population growth and a steady stream of polluted runoff, toxic discharges and unwise land use continues to compromise the health and vitality of people and their rivers in the Americas.

Why the Americas?

Ecosystem protection and restoration is a “globalized” challenge. As reporter Nicholas Kristof said recently in the New York Times, “Our neighbor, South America, is quietly falling apart” (December 10, 2002). Where there is crisis, also exists enormous opportunity, and RFA increases the scope of activities that support ecosystem protection and restoration, improvements in human health and community prosperity throughout North, Central and South America.

Environmental Justice

They focus on under-served communities, including indigenous peoples and developing democracies in Central and South America, Tribes and First Nations in the United States and Canada, and innovative projects throughout the Hemisphere.

Their team has an extraordinary record of producing results throughout the Americas and around the world. They know how to leverage funds for huge results.